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Masco Canada Limited
350 South Edgeware Road
St. Thomas, ON N5P 4L1

BRIZO HELP LINE: 1-877-345-BRIZO (2749)

If you are having a product related issue, we encourage you to please upload a few photos in order for our team to provide the best service possible.

If possible, include one photo for each of the following:

  1. Photo showing the Brand Name. For faucets, this is usually found at the base, near where it’s mounted to the sink or countertop. 
  2. Photo showing the Entire Product. 
  3. Photo showing an under sink view of the water supply line from the faucet. 

Please Note: 

  • Max size of each image must not exceed 3MB. 
  • File must be in jpg, gif, or png format.


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